7 mai: Atelier de povești susținut de Ioana Revnic la Centrul „Sf. Alexandra”
Ziua Copilului la Centrul Sfânta Alexandra: cantități mari de bucurie și mult entuziasm pe fiecare metru pătrat al sediului!
7 mai: Atelier de povești susținut de Ioana Revnic la Centrul „Sf. Alexandra”
Ziua Copilului la Centrul Sfânta Alexandra: cantități mari de bucurie și mult entuziasm pe fiecare metru pătrat al sediului!
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Romania: “Saint Alexandra the Empress” Center inaugurates new office in Bucharest

Bucharest’s Counseling Center for Parents and Children “Saint Alexandra the Empress” moved downtown last month. The new office was inaugurated on April 29, on the Orthodox Christian feast of the Life-Giving Spring.

Although the move was unplanned and unexpected, it was a moment of great joy and success: the moving was made in only three days and the interior decoration in other three days.

The date of the inauguration was chosen for two reasons. The first was that the hotline of the center receives numerous appeals from women in pregnancy crisis every day, so there was urgent need to start activity at the new address. The second reason – but not less important – was that the Life-Giving Spring is a feast of healing and support, which is exactly the mission of the center. 

The event debuted with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and continued with a blessing service officiated by His Eminence Varlaam of Ploiești, Patriarchal Auxiliary Bishop of the Romanian Patriarchate. The ribbon was cut by Roxana Muthi, who went through a pregnancy crisis and is about to give birth, together with Vlad Chiperi, a Romanian business man who works in London, and Alexandra Nadane, the Center coordinator.

After the blessing service, His Eminence Varlaam of Ploiești spoke of how important is to support women in pregnancy crisis and their unborn children and congratulated all who contribute to the development of support actions:

“This work is holy and great. It is holy, because it is in perfect accord with the teaching of the Holy Scripture and it is great because young people, children and new-born are the future and hope of our nation and Church, especially now, when our country is confronted with the deepest demographic plunge in history and when saving each infant is a great and important deed.”

“On behalf of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel of Romania, we congratulate you and bring blessings to all the sponsors, collaborators and supporters of this organization: by supporting it, you support young mothers who face the inherent hardships of life in a time which is especially difficult”.

Alexandra Nadane, the Center coordinator, transmitted her gratitude to Patriarch Daniel for “the fatherly goodwill shown towards projects of support for women in pregnancy crisis, for their children and their families” and for “the great honor” of delegating His Eminence Varlaam of Ploiești, Patriarchal Auxiliary Bishop, to bless the new office of the Center.

Alexandra Nadane also thanked His Eminence for the blessing service: “Your Eminence, we thank you for the service that you officiated. We hope that the grace of the Holy Spirit help mothers and children; today’s feast evokes how the Mother of God showed herself to a future emperor at the Life-Giving Spring, and we wish as many mothers as possible to choose Life for their children, who all carry within themselves the Image of the Heavenly Emperor.”

Eminia Zeana, a beneficiary of the Center, spoke of the necessity of support for women in pregnancy crisis: “I am grateful for their help and support. As a single mother with two children, it was rather difficult for me, but I was so encouraged to know there was somebody next to me, offering support at all times. Mothers really need this”.

The supporters and sponsors of the Center were awarded diplomas and received gifts. Special thanks were addressed to Vlad Chiperi, who supported the relocation, and to Cătălin Popescu from Wincero company, who will create the new visual identity for “Saint Alexandra the Empress” Center and for the other center of the Association for the Support of Pregnant Women and Families.

The event concluded with a piano recital by 11-year old Maria Iacșa, who interpreted “Six Romanian Dances” by Béla Bartók and a piece from Franz Joseph Haydn’s music.

Those who support – through prayer or through donations – the development of professional help in pregnancy crisis were invited to the Open Gate Days between May 2 and 7, 2022.

The address:

Centrul de consiliere și sprijin „Sfânta Alexandra Împărăteasa”
Calea Victoriei 155, clădirea Victoria Business Center, Tronson 5, Etajul 2
Open from 09:00 to 19:00

The Center’s representatives kindly asked all those with a good heart to help cover the expenses of the unexpected and urgent relocation and to help develop professional and institutional support in pregnancy crisis. Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity has initiated a fundraising campaign on this purpose on Facebook.

A few thoughts from the inauguration day noted in the Center’s guest book:

“For me, this Center has been a miracle. It gave me back hope, it helped me find solutions, it offered me moral and emotional support – all these were essential in my development as a mother.” – Mădălina Florescu

“I am extremely pleased to be here, where I feel like I belong to a great and warm family.” – Roxana Muthi

“A wonderful encounter, an example of life and shared joy over generations at ‘Saint Alexandra the Empress Center’. We remain not just with the good thought of your deed, but we especially pledge to remain always involved next to you, with God’s gift” – Father Daniil Iacșa and Presbytera Ioana Iacșa

“I wish you an enlightened mind and as much energy as possible to help as many people as possible” – Vlad Chiperi

“It is an honor to be here and in general to join every meeting of the supporters of life.” – Cătălin Popescu, Wincero

“You manage to bring hope where hope was lost, to re-instate what is natural, to bring again life in the life of those who lost it. May God keep you strong and may you rejoice for many accomplishments!” – Cristina Teleanu, journalist, Trinitas TV

“The Counseling Center for Parents and Children ‘Saint Alexandra the Empress’ offers help and support to young mothers in pregnancy crisis, but it also saves lives. May God help you and replenish your efforts.” – Dr. Alexandru Voropanov

Photo: Raluca Ene – Basilica.ro and Mircea Popa – Ziarul Lumina

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